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Exploring Your Intuition
Experiential Series

Module 1 ~4

Web Series - Learn at your own pace!

Modules 1) Intuition Basics 2) Energy Basics 3) Shadow Work 4) Spirit Guides

Are YOU Ready To -
EXPLORE Your Intuition and
DISCOVER Your Spiritual Gifts?

If you answered YES, join us for Exploring Your Intuition!

Each module contains 4 classes based on a theme. We begin with general overviews and then deep dive into these various subjects. Participants are encouraged to attend each module as a stand-alone subject (whatever peaks their interests) or take them by the many! The knowledge will continually build and the classes will be recorded live, so if for any reason you cannot attend the class you have purchased, you can still participate

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There is also the opportunity for other supplemental classes to be offered separately that will enhance the series! The biggest incentive is that students of the “Exploring Your Intuition” Series will receive special discounts for these classes from Psychic Intuitive Geralyn St Joseph!

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Module #1 ~ Intuition Basics Recording 

  1. Is Everyone Gifted?
  • Intuition vs Psychic ~ Is there a difference?
  • What are Spiritual Gifts? ~ We will discover the Spiritual Gifts [Biblical and beyond]
  • Share – Let’s Open Up ~ This is a safe space to share your experiences and ask questions about the materials.  
  1. The Clairs to be clear 
  • Your senses expanded ~ Do we need more than the physical senses to be Intuitive? Smell, Taste, Touch, Hearing, Vision 
  • Let’s see what you can do ~ This is the Experiential part! Psychic Intuitive Geralyn St Joseph will lead you on a journey to discover your talent
  • Share ~ Let’s Open Up ~ This is a safe space to share your experiences and ask questions about what you experienced
  1. Meditation – foundation and food of Intuition
  • What is Meditation really? ~ Mediation can be as unique as you are!
  • Forms of Meditation ~ Ohm, Chanting, Guided, Silent or Movement
  • Find what works with you
  1. Divination through Intuition
  • Is it in the cards? ~ Tarot, Oracle? What's the difference?
  • Tools of the trade ~ Cards aren't the only tool that can help boost your intuition.
  • Pre-cognition ~ Dreams & More of the most common forms

Intuition Basics Module #1 Web Series

Exploring Intuition Module 1 Recordings
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Module #3 ~ Shadow Work Web Series

1. Shadow Basics

  • What is the Shadow?
  • How is the Shadow Created?

2. How to Identify Your Shadow

  • Acknowledging Triggers
  • Deeper Dive into Shadow Creation, This Lifetime & Past Lifetimes

3. Sins of the Father (or Mother)

  • Lineage / Ancestral Shadow
  • Generational Wounds
  • Healing for the Greater Good

4. Acknowledging & Embracing Your True, FULL Self

  • Healing the Trauma Body
  • Parenting the Inner Child
  • Integrating Soul Pieces

Shadow Work Module 3 Web Series 

Exploring Intuition Module 3 Recordings
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Module #2 ~ Energy Body Basics Recording 

  1. What is an energy body?
  • Your Aura ~ What is an Aura? Do all living things have one? 
  • Your Energy Bodies ~ Bodies?!? It's hard enough to take care of one! What are these bodies and just how many are there?
  • Let’s Play with Energy ~ Learning how to manipulate energy is key to things like manifesting and healing. Let's play!
  1. Your Core Chakra System
  • What are Chakras? ~ How many chakras do we have? Where are they? Are they the same in everyone?
  • What do chakras do?
  • Chakra Health & Alignment ~ Now we know what chakras are and some basic info, how do we keep them healthy?
  • Clearing Chakras
  • Let's Share
  1. Your Aura in depth
  • Colors of Life ~ what do the colors in our auras mean?
  • Strengthening your Aura ~ Methods and processes for strengthening your Aura
  • Let’s look at our Auras ~ techniques to see auras
  1. Your Energy Bodies in depth
  • What are the Energy Bodies? ~ Let's take a deeper dive into our Energy Bodies 
  • What do they do?
  • Health, Alignment and Connection
  • Exploring our energy bodies

Energy Body Basics Module #2 Web Series

Exploring Intuition Module 2 Recordings
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Module #4 ~ Spirit Guides Web Series

  1. Guides and Guardians
    • Is there a difference?
    • Are they always the same? Do they come & go?
    • Basic Types of Guides/Guardians
    • Meet Your Spirit Guide
  1. Is Grandma an Angel? 
    • What is an Angel?
    • Types of Angels – are all angels here to help?
    • Meeting your Guardian Angel
    • Working with our Guardian Angel
  1. Guides in Depth 
    • Can a ghost be a guide? Ghost vs spirit
    • Ancestors or Lineage?
    • What is a Spirit Animal or Totem?
    • Meeting Your Spirit Animal
  1. Guides/Guardians in Depth 
    • Not all guides can be guardians…
    • Ascended Masters – Jesus, Quan Yin and more
    • Meeting Your Ascended Master
    • Gods, Goddesses and Deities
    • 'Aumakua and other guardians – Animal, Plant, Elemental

Bonus Classes!

  1. Knowing who to call upon
    • Feeling Safe and Being Safe
  2. Entities Who Help Us  
  3. Entities Who Help Us 2

Spirit Guides Module 4 Web Series

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